It is unusual thinking about a job when you are in holiday. I promised to myself not to do this… Until I did not find Hegarty’s book. It was on the bookshop’s shelf of an art gallery. It caught my attention. Done. I started thinking about the advertising.

The last book of Mr. hegarty is titled “Hegarty on creativity”. His previous book was titled “Hegarty on advertising”. Both of the titles recall another great Advertiser- David Ogilvy who wrote about advertsing 30 years earlier. It is only for curiosity. The ways of thinking of both of them are completely different but they followed the same principle about creativity: “There are no rules”. The Hegarty’s book starts like this. He gives a lot of advices in order to work with the creativity. An unbelievable rythm of phrases is given to a reader for a different and funny way to explore it. A lot of them should be mentioned, but let me tell you one of them that wondered me: fearlessness.

“I live by istinct and istinct has driven me to follow my creative beliefs but that’s not much.. You have to have the ability to pursue and present an idea that is genuinely fresh. Fearlessness is essential in the advertising industry where you have to arrive in the office with a new idea and pitch it to a bunch of skeptics. Every day. In fact, it’s essential in every creative profession”. Fearlessness means to have a vision and the courage “to change the way others strive to stage“.

I completely agree whith it. Creativity needs courage. Sir John Hegarty is founding creative partner of Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH), one of the world’s most awarded advertising agencies.

If someone ask me about my holiday. Don’t care.. I found a good companion during it. That was my first trip with the Masters.


Luca Scrimieri

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